"I'm able to keep more control over my emotions and actions, so other people don't control

my actions, I do."

~ Tom, age 15

"I have learned to breathe and relax for

the first time in my life.

I now know different ways to calm down,

focus, and center myself,

and know that it's ok to work on me."

~ Darren, age 16


For Youth and Young Adults

One of the most challenging, revealing, confusing, and wonderful stretch of years.
You might feel forever changing, while wanting something solid in yourself, in who you are. 

​You might feel tested every day. In small tedious ways, and big all-consuming ways. 

Across friends, family, decisions, school, self-expression, relationships, direction,

passion, risk, confidence, and proving yourself (ultimately to yourself).

Perhaps you're wanting to strengthen your communication with those around you,

feel seen and understood, simply have more control over your feelings, or your life,

to have things 'fall into place,' or be given responsibility for your own growth.

It's a time in your life to awaken curiosity, your character, and your own capability.

To nurture a sense of wonder and possibility.

Take designated time to wrestle with the deeper questions going on internally,

which reflect strongly in who you are, and how you want to be.

It's important to realize where you draw your power, joy, and purpose.

It's the time to find out.

Your Possibilities



This can support with:

- Emotional regulation

- Anxiety, depression, anger, numbness, or stress

- Existential growth and the search for meaning

- Alcohol and other drug use

- Sexuality

- Identity strength

- Family change

Online Sessions

60 mins $120

80 mins $160

*Please contact us if you would like to be on the waitlist to hear when availability opens.



...Because each young person is a hero or heroine

deeply needed in

their community

3-day programs

Hawai'i Island




If you have a group of young people that you'd like to create

an experience for. 

Workshop/ program

creation or facilitation. 


"I learned to forgive myself by being

totally accepted by my peers." 

18yo on a group rite of passage program

"Haaweatea brings such a new dimension.

Her passion has given young people who often feel lonely, stuck, confused, and broken a chance to connect with Mother Earth and a chance to re-connect with themselves.

She deepens this experience by asking such rich and meaningful questions. She definitely takes people on a journey."

~ Colleague at Weave Youth Family Community