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It’s time to answer the deeper questions,

Finding yourself,

Finding meaning,

Nature knows. The heart knows.

It’s time to see the meaning, value, uniqueness and interconnectedness of all things,

and embrace the true path for your life’s journey.

It’s time to start searching for who you are in the right places.

Nature knows. The heart knows.

It’s time to shrug virtual learning and return to the physical – real knowledge, real wisdom, real truth.

The real answers need to be personally experienced.

Nature knows. The heart knows.

It's time we honour how the most difficult trials and passages guide us to our greatest gifts.

It’s time to rediscover rites of passage because kids need a bridge, adolescents need a relationship with themselves, adults need to know to grow, and families need the right kind of glue.

Nature knows. The heart knows.

We need celebration in our lives.

A spark, a swelling, a contentedness.

We need relevance and self reverence.

We need to feel a part of it. To feel fulfilled.

The heart swells. Nature heals. Come with us.

Jeff Rasley

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