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 “I can’t put into words the impact this has had on my life. In every interaction I’ve felt cared for, validated, understood, worth something, accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated. I want to thank you for being a safe person, that I felt okay enough to open myself up to, so I could experience this.” 

~ Lainey


"Thank you for helping me get back

to the real me." 


Image by Kenan Sulayman


It's important to change the stigma we have around crisis. It's not reserved for a few.

It is our unraveling, it pushes us to find something deeper.

It's a human initiation we walk through.

Crisis comes when we go through the dark tunnels of the unknown.

When all that we knew, loved, or relied on falls away.

When we can't cope. When we don't know what to do.

When we forget who we are or why we are here.

When we experience an amount of pain that we don't think is possible to handle.

When we have any experience where we are in danger and fear for ourselves or others.

When we can't forgive or accept our past, and it sits over us as a painful shadow.

When we panic and can't see the right action to take,

and we second guess ourselves in all of it.

There is an awakening potential that follows any crisis.


It can be as simple as only really knowing your truth once it's been tested and challenged.

It can be trusting yourself because you've walked through the parade of doubts already.

It can be a deeper empathy to others and clearer healing gifts. It could be increased sensitivity and insight. It can be a deeper connection to your body and health.

It can be resilience, courage or conviction. It can be purpose to get out of your own way and do what's truly needed, to stop acting small. It can be widespread healing for your family.

It can be a deeper appreciation for the little gestures, like taking a bath or eating chocolate, or wider eyes for the beauty that lives, like the sunrise.

There is a turning point when working with crisis. It's a difficult place because you have to connect to yourself in it  (which is what we most highly avoid), to find your way through.


Image by Remi Yuan

Crisis & Spiritual Emergency

Sessions can address: trauma, grief, crisis, life-change, existential crisis, integrating from spiritual encounters (including spiritual psychosis and out-of-body experiences) and spiritual emergency. 

My approach is through both Transpersonal psychotherapy and Māori healing. "Mental health" (as we refer to it today) includes the body, the psyche, the spirit, relational and intergenerational aspects. At it's heart, it is about bringing the person home to themselves and making 'sense' of our experiences, integrating them in a grounded and real way for our aliveness.

"You really helped me to look at myself, my life, my feelings, and those around me objectively.

Through the bodywork that we did, you moved something within me so that I could recognise some hurt, and even some power within me that I didn’t know that I had.

I have a drawer that holds lots of hand-scribbled notes from our sessions that just give me comfort to know that they are there if I need them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wouldn’t have imagined this adventure.. but I do know that my earthly and spiritual guides are holding me in their arms and everything will be ok.”


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