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Whether you are a therapeutic facility, school, government program, outdoor organisation, entrepreneur or parent we can work with you via consultation, contracted facilitation, program development, or a new creative venture.
Some examples of past collaborations or co-creations with/in the following organisations:

Way Of The Wild (WOW)

Mission: Realise your identity. Expand your awareness.

Learn who you are in the world and how to lead from that place. Every child is unique. This uniqueness is expressed by the natural world, and from that uniqueness the ability to respond and adapt to change.

WOW's founder and elder Mary Sweeney teaches survival skills, naturalist knowledge, meditation and group play. Nature Knows has loved facilitating at WOW for the space it provides for kids to be elders, and elders to be kids.

Boulder, Colorado, USA:

Women's Empowerment Workshop

Mission: Discover the power of nature. Discover the power of you.

Nature adventure retreats: Connecting mind, body and spirit for women of all ages and abilities with Susie Kincade. Nature Knows has facilitated the transformational climbing modules, co-facilitated rafting as life's journey, and women's circles. We've had some fantastic panels at outdoor stores and webinars together.

Vail, Colorado:

Center Point Retreats

Mission: Life Renewal and Recovery for Women Veterans

5-day retreats for women veterans to learn tools for holistic recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Using a relationship-based, contemplative adventure therapy, psychoeducational, and experiential healing model. Haaweatea has facilitated 12 retreats and is continuously transformed by this powerful process.



Womens Earth Wisdom & Adventure

Mission: Soul Surfing Retreats: A sacred weekend of play, adventure and nature connection.

A weekend to awake in the forest, meet the ocean with intention, learn soul-surfing (all levels), learn from Yaegl aunties, and grow through your own insight by sitting in circles of women and transformative nature process. We've loved co-creating these retreats alongside Eshana Bragg and Susie Kincade with Soul Surfing coaches Lauren Hill and Sally McKinnon.

Foresthaven deep ecology retreat center, Australia:

Healing Quest

Mission: Custom therapeutic wilderness journeys for individuals and families

Individual quests (up to 22 days), family quests (4-6 days), and "take a break" (a brief supervised program for clients in long term care, residential treatment or therapeutic boarding schools). Wilderness journeys for times of transition, divorce, grief, career change, addiction, or in partnership with rehab exit programs. For Haaweatea, this was as a lead wilderness and family therapist with HQ for 3 years. What we love about custom quests is being able to respond dynamically to support people in what they seek. Healing Quest led the way for adult wilderness therapy.  

Colorado, USA:

Ski Therapy ™

Mission: Working with emotion through motion...

The Ski Therapy Family Integration Program was a solution for families who were spending months of time and money on family therapy. Instead, families head into the mountains to a cabin for 5 days, ski open peaks at their level, have individual and family therapy in real-time, learn new skills, and share special moments long overdue. Out of this Ski-MDR was born, an outdoor adaptation to the main trauma treatment in the USA, of which we saw incredible results.

This was a genius-child of Andy Rose, founder of Boulder Emotional Wellness and Healing Quest, and we were completely engaged and energised by being a part of its birth and facilitation.

Colorado, USA:

Weave Youth and Community Services

Mission: Creating a strong connected community

A non-profit providing innovative programs with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, women, children and families in the City of Sydney for over 30 years. 70% of clients are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Haaweatea worked at Weave for three years, and developed 'Bush Circle', a bush adventure therapy project for young people (16-26 years) experiencing co-existing mental health and substance use issues. Weave's Bush Circle was named as one of Australia's most successful indigenous programs in the Australian paper (Nov 2014), and was featured as an case-study across 14 countries for the decade ahead, in how to "inspire a new generation with nature" at the IUCN World Parks Congress in 2014. 

Check out the short video by participants.  Waterloo, Sydney, Australia:

Various Therapeutic Treatment Facilities

Mission: Go to the places where nature is inaccessible and bring it in

Counselling and therapy groups for adolescents in detention and their families, out-patient hospital groups for young people and their families post-suicide attempt. Yoga and meditation in jail.

Colorado, USA:

Girl Adrenaline Productions

Mission: Empowering experiences for girls; confidence, connection and wellbeing

8-week "Dance & Chat" series empowering young girls in their emotional intelligence, relationships, body-image and self-expression through dance and experiential group work. Closing with a meaningful flash-mob. Boulder, Colorado, USA:

Kundalini Yoga Trainings and Retreats

Mission: Happy, Healthy and Holy

Facilitating healing process, yoga, meditation, dance and group circle work on Kundalini Yoga retreats and teacher-trainings, across the Australia, USA and China.

The Women's Wilderness Institute

Mission: Strong girls. Strong women. Better world.

A nonprofit organisation strengthening the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of girls and women, through the support and challenge of wilderness and community-based experiences.

Haaweateas contract with Womens Wilderness involved high-school workshops, and workshops for the National Guard for spouses of soldiers and children of returning soldiers (communication, support, grief and loss).

Colorado, USA:

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Combining the right team of people is a wonderful thing.

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