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"Haaweatea has been a pillar in times

of transition. She's very supportive during spiritual and personal development,

and for accessing our knowing."

~ Jackie H

"Be brave to face each step of the journey.

You will get to the golden pot of illumination."

~ Mary


Ceremony and Quests

Life is the Greatest Story Ever Told

You have many lives, many chapters, many roles within your story. 

How do you effectively move through your life without dragging old hurts and pain forward?

To gift to yourself at each gate, the freshness of who you are today,

while walking a deeper resolution and commitment to what matters most to you.

How do you end what you need to?

To move through the internal resistance, the fight to accept, 

to find the closure craved, and glean the learnings in full.

How do you begin?

Do you allow yourself to step in anew?

How do you know it is right?

How do you feel supported by life, and those close to you?

CEREMONY is a deliberate action with intent.

It moves the energy, elicits and heightens what is true.

It anchors within us something significant taking place;

to confirm it, make it real, known, or complete.

A QUEST is a journey to carry your most current, essential question/s, decision, or healing, in order to return with the 

understanding, knowledge, or peace that you sought after.


BOTH, call you to step out of your ordinary life or mind, 

and retrieve for yourself what you needed. 

Image by Kyle Johnson

Ceremony and Rites of Passage



Support marking a transition in your life,  access your knowing and guidance, connect with meaning, create the ceremony

you need.

Support for dying processes, loss and healing,

to mark post-traumatic growth,  to get clear, for

completion in relationships,

to create space for new,

to embody new identity and purpose, or co-create 


Online sessions


A four-week group to stay clear and connected. 

Calling all leaders,

healers, change-makers,

and those stepping up to support others in this

time of Unknown.

We turn to Ceremony, Ritual and Rites of Passage

as tools to help us navigate as they have across the history of mankind.

Register your interest for the next 4-week cohort below.




9-Month Global Online Training for Therapists, Guides, Facilitators,

Healers, Mentors,

Birth and Death Doulas,

Youth Workers,

Outdoor Guides, and Spiritual Teachers.

Confidently develop and enact personally meaningful, culturally relevant ceremonies and rites of passage for yourself and your community. 

2022 is now full! 

Information for 2023 below.



8-day Rite of Passage and Immersion for Women through the 11-stages of the

Heroines Journey,

the stages of initiation, transformation, and wholeness.


Personal and collective ceremony, solo quest, mindfulness, the mirror of nature, in-depth family and ancestral healing content and process, for rich inner work.


Te Wai Pounamu,

Aotearoa/ NZ 2021.

- Uncover a deeper capacity for listening and confirmation, and for being guided by the inspiration coming through.

- Gain clarity and vision.

- Access your own meaning, spiritual connection, and guidance

- Encounter life through the mirror of the natural world, nature as teacher and home.

- Excavate and illuminate your relationship with yourself, and with that which is beyond you.

- Clarify your life, be witnessed in your transformation and/or rites of passage, invite others in!

“I’m so glad you were placed in my path on my journey to reinvention and inner comfort...

I found the strength to keep driving on… I have a glow of fire… Thank you so so much”

~ Lainey

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